• Tough
• Strong
• UV Stable
• Lightweight
• Durable
• Double-Sided

1. Lightweight

At only 5.43 Kg maximum weight, Ecotex products are well within Health & Safety guidelines for one-man handling. Comparable concrete products weigh as much as 62 Kg and legally require 3 people to handle

2. Easy to Install

Ecotex products can be erected more quickly and easily than comparable concrete products, and can be done by a single person.


3. Compatible

Ecotex base panels are made to industry standard dimensions and therefore can be used with either existing or new concrete fence posts. All Ecotex products have been carefully matched to the colour of actual concrete.

4. Strong & Durable

Ecotex products are resistant to: frost, cracking, algae, sunlight, chipping, and are able to withstand heavy impacts and high winds. Ecotex rigid PVC fencing, although slightly flexible, will not be misshapen to twisting or bending.

5. Secure

The Ecotex cap installs easily on top of Ecotex fence posts and can be fastened with screws, rivets, or solvent-welding. Once fastened, the cap prevents fence panels from being removed easily.

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